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I love the renewed energy the new year brings into our lives . The crescendo of the holiday season begins to lessen and new beginnings, resolutions and intentions start to filter into our minds . It’s like an internal reset button that we are gifted with and we can choose to make use of the reset button or choose to ignore it . My intention for the year ahead is to embrace it with simplicity . I am choosing to look at what areas of my life can be simplified even more than they already are . It’s that age old adage of less is more . So where and how do I begin ?

I begin with myself .

I look inwards and tune into my inner knowing , my intuition , my inner voice . It seldom fails to relay a message of what needs to change, so that I can live the best version of myself . It is an act of self love to commit to tuning inwards and it is not always easy but each endeavor at tuning inwards builds a solid foundation and connection with my intuition , my inner knowing . The rewards of going inwards are immeasurable for my mental , physical and spiritual well being .

Here is how I do this :

I dedicate 40 minutes of my time each morning before the working day begins . I spend 20 minutes moving on my yoga mat focusing on a slow steady breathing pattern . Often, I will close my eyes and allow my internal world to lead my movement . Yes, if you close your eyes and engage with your ‘felt’ sense , your body will gently start to move . It will lead me into gentle stretching , side bending , twisting . Sometimes my body wants to start in a standing position and other times my body will want to start seated or lying down . It’s called somatic movement , and it is a powerful way of connecting with your inner world . When my body starts to spontaneously yawn and stretch at the same time or separately , then I know I am ‘in the zone’ .

The next 20 minutes, I spend in meditation . My body has already started to gear down into a relaxed state of being from the somatic movement, and so transitioning into a meditation is usually effortless. I settle into a comfortable position on my yoga mat and meditation cushion and begin the second part of my morning connection with my inner world . Following my breath , I close my eyes and observe the gentle breathing in and out of air through my nostrils . Thoughts will come into my mind and I will acknowledge the thought and then allow it to drift away by bringing my awareness back to my breath as it enters and leaves through my nostrils . I fluctuate gently between deeper and lighter states of being during my meditation, much like when we fluctuate between deeper and lighter states of sleep . I always use a timer to cue my 20 minutes. That way my mind can relax and I don’t have to keep checking the time.

Coming out of my meditation is gentle process . My eyes stay closed , and I start to move my fingers and toes, drawing my awareness back to my outer physical body . I take a few minutes to slowly open my eyes and allow the light back in , it can be quite bright when spending a length of time connecting with my internal world .

Sometimes in my meditation I am gifted some insight, clarity or wisdom to take with me into my day . I always take with me the physiological benefits of my meditation practice into the day . A lower level of anxiety , a healthier blood pressure , a healthier heart , less chronic pain , less fatigue and insomnia . A more conscious and measured awareness of what my world both internal and external is needing as opposed to what my mind is wanting. This list of benefits becomes endless . Each day that I commit to this practice of movement and meditation becomes another day of building a solid foundation for my physical , mental and spiritual well being . My inner and outer world .

So perhaps this is something that you may want to try for yourself ? It doesn’t have to be 40 minutes , you will reap benefits no matter how small you start and I am here to encourage and support you every step of the way!

In my next blog I will continue the journey into simplicity.